Sadhana Yoga Retreat / Nepal

The first yoga retreat in Pokhara nestled in hill surrounded by beauty of nature, far away

from noisy crowds and pollution.

         NAMASTE & WELCOME !


                                            SEEKING TO CLEANSE, STRETCH, RELAX AND REVITALIZE         DURING HOLIDAY!

Everything below is included in your stay with us.We offer an unforgettable yoga 

& meditation experiences.

Yoga Stretch

We provide more than two 

yoga sessions a day.


We provide three relaxing

 meditationsdaily to calm 

the mind.

Feet Massage

Before yoga we practice reflexology

 to increase energy and blood flow

Nasal Flushing

Cleansing of nasal passages helps 

you clear sinuses and cold.


Relax in hanging chair and hammock 

enjoying the great views in your spare time.

Add Ons

Add ons are available on your 


Tea & poncorn

A Nepali tradition that allows 

guest to socialize and relax.


Mantras designed to create inner 

vibrations that bring peace.

Daily Routine

Activities before tea time (7:00am)

  • Pre-madatation
  • Morning Meditation

Activities before breakfast (10:00am)

  • Neti kriya
  • Reflexology practice
  • Morning Yoga
  • Nature walk

Steam bath

Exfoliate your skin while also 

removing unwanted toxins from

 the body.

Organic & Ayurvedic meals

Let your food be medicine and medicine 

be your food.

Acvities before Lunch (1:00pm)

  • Steam or mud bath
  • Pre-meditation
  • Afternoon meditation

Activities before Tea Break (4:00pm)

  • Karma yoga
Activities before Dinner (7:00pm)
  • Chanting
  • Evening Yoga
Activities before retiring (9:00pm)
  • Candle meditation

Most featured programs at Sadhana Yoga Retreat

Since 1998, thousands of participants have benefited from the courses we have offered at Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre in Pokhara, Nepal. Situated in a hillside village surrounded by forests and overlooking Fewa Lake, we offer courses ranging from drop-in (day to day) to month-long intensive and transformative ones designed to suit all levels of practitioners (beginners to advanced).

Additionally, we have recently created a new retreat center nearby called Sadhana Yoga Nature Village where we provide silent courses.

Take time to find a course of your interest. We look forward to welcoming you with a warm heart.