About Us

In 1998, after a 10 year yogic and spiritual journey, Asanga decided to begin his own school of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Asanga felt great spiritual energy resounding from a beautiful hill just outside of Pokhara lakeside, which was chosen as an ideal location for the school.

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains and overlooking the second largest lake in Nepal (Fewa Lake), the school is hidden amongst the trees. Birds wake you up in the morning, not the traffic. Eagles lift your head during the afternoon and you always breathe fresh air. The sun shines from early morning to late afternoon over the wonderful views, which are just in front of you. Sadhana Yoga offers a welcoming family environment with fantastic home cooked food, hot or cold shower, endless cups of Sadhana’s delicious herbal tea and laughter all the while. Sadhana Yoga welcomes all feel purified, stretched, relaxed and take the time to realize....

Asanga & Durga

Asanga, Principle Teacher and Founder, with over 20 years experience including several years as the disciple of Yogi Vikashanand and a Bachelor Certificate of Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India. Recently completed Ayurvedic Panchkarma training from Kerala Ayurvedica Health Care, India. While staying with his master he realised that teaching yoga and meditation are great ways to help and share energy to spiritual seekers and yoga beginners. This made him start Sadhana Yoga Retreat in Pokhara/Nepal. Sadhana Yoga Retreat is located in a remote area, this helps the locality by bringing tourists to this region and for the last 20 years thousands of participants have benefited by his teachings and the natural surroundings.

Our Team


At the beginning Asanga and one helper in the kitchen started this retreat centre and now there are 8 to 12 people involved in running the centre. Our highly trained and qualified team is offering authentic yoga and meditation experience.


Durga, Asanga’s wife is dedicated to uplifting people by leading chanting, personal counselling and discussions. She has a delightful personality and has been sharing her energy for the last 15 years.

Kaushal (principal yoga teacher)

Principal Yoga teacher, running different courses. He is a registered yoga school yoga alliance (USA) course certified yoga teacher who has been at the retreat center for the last 6 years. Has traveled and taught abroad in the the countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Dubai.

Anu (Asst. yoga teacher)

Anu is an assistant yoga teacher, certified from Bihar School of Yoga, India.She is also trained as an Ayurvedic masseur from Kerala India and yogic cleansing expert.

Yama (naturopath and masseur)

Yama is a great masseur, he has been giving massage service at the centre for the last 10 years, every one who takes his massage feels uplifted which they appreciate.

Srijana (staff)

Srijana is a member of house keeping staff at the center.

Roshana (driver)

Roshan is the driver at Sadhana, he helps with all airport/bus station collections and drop offs.

Yoga Nature Village

A priority of Sadhana Yoga is to develop tourism in the countryside, which will in turn support the local village economy. Visitors to such areas will be able to enjoy and realise the depth of Nepal’s true beauty and to get a true picture of Nepali culture. Sadhana Yoga is working passionately towards this and has recently launched Yoga Nature Village in the forest above Khapaudi village.

Being immersed in nature in its untouched form is a very powerful way to uplift the human soul. Nature has a calming effect – it raises intuitive power, heals physical and psychological problems and brings ones focus onto the raw beauty of life.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre, after many years of experience in providing a safe and spiritual retreat centre, is spreading its wings even further, to offer its programs in an uncultivated and pure forest space.

At Sadhana Yoga Nature Village you will awake to the chirping of birds, you will meditate through the serenity of a beautiful sunrise, and as the day grows warmer you can move, bend and free your body further. Living in the moment, in this escape from all your worldly affairs, will enable your mind and body to come to a place of peace and rest.

In the afternoon, feel the surroundings coming to life... trees sway, paragliders soar overhead, and enjoy the views of the surrounding valley and the beautiful Lake Fewa.

Chanting and evening yoga flow perfectly with the setting of the sun and the end to your peaceful day.

Feel fresh, alive, relaxed and rejuvenated throughout your stay as you connect with the natural flow of nature and the untouched world around you.