Add Ons

You are free to choose any of these available services at Sadhana to make your stay as best fruitful as possible. Take any of these add ons to enhance your retreat at Sadhana Yoga.

One to One Yoga Session - $25

One to one yoga session is a great way to learn in deeper level. Our service is expanded to those who seeks private yoga teacher on spare time, this will help participants to learn and practice more.

One to One Meditation Session - $25

More our of meditation practice is always beneficial to overcome all the wanderings of the mind. We provide private teacher to train on meditation at Sadhana.

90 Minute Massage - $25

Massage is the best way to bring youthfulness and to releases all the deep rooted tensions of the body. Our 90 minutes of massage given by our expert is a great way to experience Ayurvedic Oil massage.

60 Minute Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage - $15

This deep tissue massage will remove all the tensions in muscles and joint of the body. Applying medicated oil on body is very nourishing to skin and deep tissue Ayurvedic massage on all different muscles and joints is healing from deep rooted tensions and pains.

Guided Trek to Sarangkot - $69 by Jeep, $35 by hike

Sarangkot is one the best location to view all the Himalayan ranges of Nepal, we don’t let to miss this great opportunity to our valued guest so we lead them to Sarangkot either by walk or by company jeep.

Boat Ride & Trek to Peace Pagoda - $69 by Jeep, $39 by boat/hike

Peace Pagoda is another to-visit location in our surrounding, so we lead them by boat and walk up or by the centre's car to the Peace Stupa.

Traditional Nepali Cooking Class - $25

On the request of our participants we started teaching all about delicious meals that we serve at Sadhana Yoga. One can learn many different Nepali dishes at Sadhana.

Day of Nepali Shopping - $19

Nepal is a great place to buy souvenir, we guide to the local shops and market where you get unexpectedly cheap and quality products like nepali costumes, handicrafts, jewelleries etc.

Ayurvedic Facial - $15

 Ayurvedic facial therapy is known to be the best for any skin type. It is a divinely relaxing experience that purifies, nourishes, and rejuvenates skin for a luminous glow. This nature based treatment uses dosha balancing organic essential oil blends with aroma therapy benefits to heighten the sensorial experience. Why slather your face with artificial products when you can use Ayurvedic herbs for facial?

Mud Bath and Steam Bath - $25

Detox your skin by smearing natural clay on all over the body and perspire in sitting wooden steam chamber  afterward.

Paragliding - $85

Pokhara is the 5th best location for paragliders, most of the travellers who visit to Pokhara they make a great fun having tandem flight. We can assist to arrange this adventurous paragliding.

Shirodhara - $49

Shirodhara is a luxuriant and easy way to achieve instant calm and rejuvenation. The term Shirodhara is derived from the two Sanskrit words: shiro, meaning head, and dhara, meaning to flow. It involves the warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead, specifically on the “third eye.” This is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows and is said to be the seat of human consciousness.


The oil flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful sensation. The soothing and fragrant oils flow in a continuous stream for about 30 minutes. You’re quickly transported to a calm place! The sesame oil also nourishes your hair and scalp before they are captured in a basin below. All your mental demons, like fear, anxiety, anger, or irritability, dissolve into an ocean of calm. Your mind is lulled into a state of serenity and some people even experience a state of expanded consciousness.As the oil flows onto the third eye, it is said to have a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the brain, while stimulating the endocrine system's pituitary and pineal glands. The procedure is also said to synchronize alpha brain waves, enhance blood circulation to the brain, improve mental clarity, and release deeply trapped toxins.