1.  How much per day per person?

Roughly about USD $66 (inclusive of taxes) per day per person including everything while you are with us. Sleeping in tent attending all programs costs USD $40 per day.  For the holistic stay without attending the daily program costs USD $32 per day.

2.   Do you offer discounts?

We only offer a special price to those participants who join the 21-day Intensive Hatha Yoga & Weight Loss Program and the 32-day Yoga Holiday & Weight Loss Program.

3.   When does the course start?

You can drop in any day on your convenience at Sadhana Yoga for any length of courses.

4.   Are all the courses the same?

No, they are not. All the courses are systematically designed to provide different levels of yoga and meditation. Courses are also different based on the length of stay. Please read course descriptions to find out more.

5.   When should I arrive?

Please arrive the day before your course is scheduled to begin. For example, if you are attending a course starting from Jan 2, you should arrive the afternoon of Jan 1. Please note that it will be difficult to find us after it`s dark as we are located on the top of a hill.

6.  Do you have any suggestions on where to stay when arriving in Kathmandu?

If you are coming for the first time in Nepal and would like to stay in Kathmandu, but don’t have any arrangements with a hotel; we would suggest going to Thamel which is the tourist area of Kathmandu with thousands of hotels from $15 (or even cheaper) to $500 per night. Please travel to Thamel by a taxi 10 kms away from the airport which might cost $10 to $20.

7.  How to get to Sadhana? Do you have a transfer service?

 We are located in Middle Western region of Nepal, which is 200 kms (120 miles) west from Kathmandu (capital). By flight you will be landing in Kathmandu International Airport, which is the only international airport in Nepal.
From Kathmandu you can take a 25 minute flight / private car (6 hours) or public bus (7 hours) to come to Pokhara. Please let us know if you need our assistance. Our contact office in Kathmandu can arrange this transfer upon request. 

From Pokhara airport or buspark we offer a pick-up service on request for which you have to pay 

(USD 7 - 10), and we will take you by car to Sadhana Yoga Retreat.

8.   Do you charge for extra night and dinner?

No, an extra night prior to your start along with dinner are included with the course costs.

9.   Do you charge half price for half a day?

There is no half price for partial days. You pay for the full day.

10.   Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, as we have limited space at the centre it is best to book in advance for all courses. Your reservation will be confirmed after we receive a 30% deposit in advance.

11.   When do I pay the remaining balance?

You can pay the day you arrive here or at the end of course.

12.   Do you accept credit card?

We accept payment using major credit cards. But we prefer cash and with cash payment you save extra transaction charges taken by bank.

13.   Are there any extra fees?

All courses are subject to additional 10% service charge on top of the total bill. You will also pay extra for services like massage, ticketing (bus, plane), etc

.14.   What type of yoga do you teach?

We teach Hatha Yoga. This includes cleansing of the body and mind, pre-asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), many sequential flows and asanas (static postures) combined with a wonderful location and healthy diet.

15.   What is the food like?

All vegetarian, freshly cooked and grown organically in our garden and community.

16.   Do I get a single room?

Everyone has to share a room, unless single accommodation is mentioned in the course you are taking (there are few courses with this option). If you would like to request a single room, you will pay double (depending on the course).  However, if there are fewer participants there is a chance to get a single room. Each room has 2 beds.