Drop in on any day of the week at 3 to 5 pm and leave here on eighth day morning after breakfast

Course Overview

Even though there are hundreds of body detoxifying programs around the world, this detoxification process is very ancient and based on yogic science. This detoxifying process is very natural and doesn’t use any medication or herbs; it is simply achieved by your physical and mental effort as well as fasting.

The purpose of this course is to eliminate the accumulation of toxic waste matter in the intestine, thereby purifying the digestive system and the whole body. Yogic science believes that most problems, physical or mental, are caused by a contaminated digestive tract.

In order to alleviate this problem we have specifically designed a program using yoga and meditational activities plus Fasting and gastro-Intestinal cleansing. This course can help to eliminate all the toxic waste and to lose a few pounds of unnecessary fat from the body.

Course includes

Whole body massage, yoga teaching, 7 nights accommodation, dinner on the night of your arrival, filtered water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks, dinner and breakfast prior to your departure.

Arrival day

Chanting, evening yoga (one hour and half), dinner and candle light meditation

Second, third, forth, fifth & sixth day

You will follow all the program from morning meditation till candle light meditation at 8 pm. Please check this ROUTINE for the details.

Seventh day

Seventh day is the great day on which you will flush entire digestive system following the yogic technique called Shankha-Prakshalan (gastro-flushing)

Day 8th

You will leave the centre after breakfast in the morning.


To attend this course you can drop in on any day of the week after 3 pm or early.