Yoga Nature Camp at Sadhana Yoga

Yoga Nature Village - 4D/5N course starts on 11th and 26th of every month.

Main benefits of
Sadhana Yoga Courses

  • Yogic and family environment
  • De-stress, relieve any digestive problems and lose weight naturally
  • Relieve long-term depression and fatigue
  • Stretch the whole body, and relieve long-term neck and back pain
  • Help to quit smoking, caffeine and alcohol
  • Relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind
  • Improve clarity of mind
  • Feel spiritually uplifted
  • Detoxify your Body and enjoy youthful health!
Direction to Sadhana YogaDirection to Sadhana Yoga

Sadhana Yoga Information Sheet:

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version: 7.26.2012