MASTER DETOX PROGRAM (7 Days/8Nights) - $880

(Walk in are welcome)
Feel great and re-live your youth with this detox plan

Course Overview

Sadhana’s master cleansing program is an ultimate cleansing process for the entire body and mind. This process includes vigorous cleansing techniques of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda. In this program participants are given individual care and lots of attention.

Participants will be massaged every day to recover from the hardness of the yogic cleansing process. This is the best package for those who really want to detox and purify their whole body and mind.

Course Includes

Yoga teaching, 8 nights private room, everyday whole body massage and steam bath (1.5 hours each session), dinner on the night of your arrival, clean water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks, dinner and breakfast prior to your departure.

Program highlights

Daily Routine


  5:30   Wakeup

  5:45   Pre-meditation practices

  6:00  Morning meditation

  7:00  Tea break

  7:25  Neti kriya

  8:00  Reflexology practice

  8:15  Morning yoga

  9:45  Nature Walk 

  10:00 Khaja (breakfast)

  10:30 Steam or mud bath



  12:00 Pre-meditation practices

  12:15 Afternoon meditation

  1:00   Bhojan (lunch)

  3:30   Karma yoga

  4:00   Popcorn & tea break

  4:30   chanting (bhakti yoga)

  5:45  Evening yoga

 7:00  Bhojan (dinner)

  8:00  Tratak (Candle meditation)

  8:30  Retiring

Before heading to Center

No intoxicants are allowed at the Center.

Arrive at the center between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Never enter drunk, late night and with violent attitude.

Not allowed to leave the center after dinner.

You must book your space before coming.

 We accept cash and credit card.

Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment.

Daily Yoga and meditation classes

Participants of this program will practice 3 hours of Yoga and 2 hours of meditation every day. This Yoga and meditation practice will enable one to be grounded, achieve stillness of the mind, and strengthen and flex the body.

Daily Massage and Steam bath

In ayurvedic science, massage is called abhyanga and is highly emphasized and prescribed to detox the body. Ayurvedic oil massage and steam bath, which are provided everyday to the participants of this program, complement each other as they detox, rejuvenate and heal the entire body.

Single Room Accommodation

To feel their space and not to be bothered by fellow students we offer single room accommodation to the participants of this program. The location of Sadhana Yoga Retreat is ideal for this program and single clean rooms with attached bath are provided to the participants.

Laghu Sankhaprakshalana (short Gastro flushing)

Sadhana’s Master Detox Program is oriented to purify the whole body and mind. Participants of this course begin their cleansing of the digestive tract from the very 2nd day by drinking warm salted water in a small amount (about 1 liter) everyday on an empty stomach.

Fasting and Gastro Cleansing

Upawas, Fasting in English, is a natural way of eradicating toxins from the entire body especially from the digestive tract. To gain benefit out of the fasting process we have scientifically designed a 3-day fasting routine. Participants will follow this schedule of fasting to intensify the cleansing of the entire body:

Special Diet Therapy

On the total gastro cleansing day one will begin with a special diet to recover the whole body in a safe and quicker way. Mung Bean Soup and Khichadi (yogic food) are served on this day.

Transfer service to/from centre

We will pick you up from Pokhara airport, Pokhara bus park or Lakeside Pokhara in our private car and bring you to the centre. Please provide us your details with name, arrival time and place by emailing or calling us.


To attend this course you can drop in on any day of the week after 3 pm or early.

An interview with Master Detox attendant Mr. Suresh Sanghwi

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