Course Overview

Drop in on any day of the week at 3:00 to 5:00 pm and leave on third day morning after breakfast.

Yoga and massage are complementary to each other. This package combines massage, yoga, meditation and steam bath throughout the day which will be a perfect treat to the body and mind to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Abhyanga (Massage) and Swedan (Steam bath)

This package combines meditation, 2 yoga sessions, a 90-minute Ayurvedic massage, and a steam bath. Yoga and meditation practice enable one to be grounded, achieve stillness of the mind, and strengthen the body, while the massage and steam bath relieve muscle tension and detoxify the skin.

Following the massage, a steam bath using fresh herbs serves to further relax your body and detoxify the skin by sweating out unnecessary toxins.

This combination is a perfect treat for the body and mind that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

According to Hatha Yoga, any physical problem can be removed by an oil massage and hot shower. Massage helps with blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, releases tension, helps with stress relief, boosts the immune system and promotes overall good health. Based on Ayurvedic therapy, our massage techniques include tapping, and squeezing as well as more traditional massage strokes using herbal medicines as oil. The style and flow of the massage is determined by what your body needs for balance and well-being at the time.

Course includes

Yoga teaching, whole body Ayurvedic oil massage (1.5 hrs), 2 nights accommodation, dinner on the night of your arrival, filtered water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks, dinner and breakfast prior to your departure.


Arrival day

Chanting, evening yoga (one hour and half), dinner and candle light meditation


Second day

You will follow all the program from morning meditation until candle night meditation after dinner. 


Third day

You will leave the centre after breakfast in the morning.

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