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Course Overview

Intensify your practice, get rid of extra pounds and feel lighter, comfortable and healthier

In modern time, weight has been has been a great health issue. One of the reasons for this kind of problem is lack of movement of the body; we eat more than we burn. This is why we simply keep storing calories inside the body. At Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre we burn lots of calories doing all the yogic activities, breathing exercises (super calorie burning practice), climbing up and down the hills and controlling fat in our diet. These are all wonderful ways of getting rid of unnecessary weight from the body.

Course includes

Whole body massage 4 times during your stay, yoga teaching, accommodation, dinner on the night of your arrival, clean water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks and dinner each day (except for those days when you will be Fasting). You will also be given breakfast on the day of your departure.

These some topics are combined to enhance this program


During the whole stay the participant will be provided with foods that contain high amounts of water in them. You will enjoy watermelon, cucumber, broth of lentil soup, lentil soup etc.
Movement of the body (dynamic & static)
One of the main causes of gaining more weight on the body is lack of physical movement. Modern sedentary life style does not permit us to move the body sufficiently. Movements of the body burn lots of calories, so that they do not turn into fat later.
At Sadhana Yoga we teach and motivate every participant to move body through the yogic and scientific way which balances and reduces the body weight.
Dynamic movements of different limbs of the body is a unique way to strengthen, to lose, and to build up flexibility of the body. Sadhana Yoga teaches several sequential movements(flows) of yogic postures which will be plus point to lose body weight in a short duration.
All the dynamic movements are good for heart, respiratory system, nervous system. Body begins to detox in the form of sweating so skin glows afterward.
All the dynamic sequential movement will be taught to obese people so they can continue at home as a part of their daily activities. This will not be difficult because 21 days at Sadhana Yoga and practicing every single day will build brain cells already and will form habit. Twenty one day retreat will be greatly rewarding to obese people.

Plan for thirty two days activities

First 10 days
Partipcipants will follow the schedule and activities of Yoga Holiday in
Nepal. Please see details by clicking here.

Day 11th is off
In holiday participants will skip yoga and meditation lessons but can stay and have all meals at the centre. Or walk around lakeside (touristic city).

Day 12th to day 21st

Carbohydrate free diet

Since this program is designed to lose body weight in maximum level, we stop feeding carbohydrate these seven days. Once carbohydrate is not taken body begins burning stored resources. This will accelerate losing the body weight. Continuation of yoga, pranayama, meditation, walking and eating vegetables, broth, lentil soup, cucumber, and watermelon is the scientific way of reducing body weight and gaining lightness of the body.

Regular yoga practice with group

Participants will continue yoga, pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation on these day together with group.

Day 22nd is off again

In holiday participants will skip yoga and meditation lessons but can stay and have all meals at the centre. Or walk around lakeside (touristic city).

Day 23rd to day 32nd (Intensive Yoga)

These ten day participants will follow intensive lessons on yoga, everyday a new lesson on yoga will be delivered and participants will carry on practicing 4 times throughout the day. This way ten different new lessons on yoga will be taught and participants will practice each lesson 4 times throughout the day. This intensive practice of yoga will enable one to be master of oneself and loose weight rapidly by doing 4 to 6 hours of yoga everyday.

Day 33rd
Day 33rd is the last day, participants will depart after breakfast or can stay with us till lunch.

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