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"In all my travels in the Himalayas I saw no scenery so enchanting as that which enraptured me as Pokhara.” - Kawaguchi

Program Overview

It is said “If there is a paradise on earth, it begins from north to Pokhara." Obviously, on the lap of Annapurna Himalayan Range, Pokhara is blanketed with emerald blue lakes, green forests, deep gorges and underground waterfalls, caves, hills and rills.If Kathmandu is the cultural hub- Pokhara, a place of exhilarating beauty is to refresh and relax and to discover the mysterious creation of nature. Thousands of people from different parts of the world come here just to awake the sleeping beauty

Course includes

Whole body massage, yoga teaching, accommodation, dinner on the night of your arrival, clean water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks and dinner each day,  breakfast prior to departure, tour on private car, guide and lunch outside in India restaurant. 

Daily Routine


  5:30   Wakeup

  5:45   Pre-meditation practices

  6:00  Morning meditation

  7:00  Tea break

  7:25  Neti kriya

  8:00  Reflexology practice

  8:15  Morning yoga

  9:45  Nature Walk 

  10:00 Khaja (breakfast)

  10:30 Steam or mud bath



  12:00 Pre-meditation practices

  12:15 Afternoon meditation

  1:00   Bhojan (lunch)

  3:30   Karma yoga

  4:00   Popcorn & tea break

  4:30   chanting (bhakti yoga)

  5:45  Evening yoga

 7:00  Bhojan (dinner)

  8:00  Tratak (Candle meditation)

  8:30  Retiring


Program Itinerary 

First Day

Arrival at the Sadhana Yoga Retreat between 3 and 5 pm pr early. Chanting, evening yoga (one hour and half), dinner and. dinner 7pm, candle light meditation at 8 pm; Retire at 8:30pm.

Second Day

Wake up at 5:30am; Meditation with the group at 5:45am; Tea break at 7:00am; Neti Kriya (Nasal Flushing) at 7:30am; Morning Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises) at 8:00am; Breakfast at 9:40am.

Note:  If we start sightseeing program early morning you will join yoga session in the evening.

Daeparture for sightseeing

Our guide will take you to the most scenic vantage points and cultural sites of Pokhara Valley in the Centre’s private car.

Sites include

  • Sarangkot (great touristic destination to view mountain ranges, settlement of ethnic group of Nepal and world's 5th best zone for para-gliders)
  • Bindabasini Temple   (Centre of Nepali culture and faith on religion)
  • Mahendra Cave (Natural cave which is a great attraction to anyone who comes to Pokhara)
  • Bat Cave  (Next to Mahendra cave there is another cave where bats live and this an adventurous and an unique)
  • David Fall   (outlet of Fewa lake water makes great fall and fountain, really enjoyable with mountain views and Nepali cultural things around)
  • Shanti Stupa  (one of the great destination to realize peace and majestice views of himalayas, shanti means peace, it is also called Peace Stupa)
  • Barahi Temple (a little island in the middle of lake Fewa contains Barahi Temple, great religious faith and cultural site)

Third Day

On 3rd day you will follow the yoga and meditation schedule with the other guests that have been practicing at the retreat centre

Forth day

Farewell breakfast will be at 8:30am (or earlier if requested), and you will leave the centre by 9:30 am. Transfer service is available on request to Lakeside Pokhara, the airport or the bus park.

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