Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Aug 1-6 , Sep 1-6, Oct 1-6, Nov 1-6 & Dec 1-6.  




Five-day meditation retreats designed for you to explore your inner experience. Full daily program with guided yoga including postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and extended sessions of meditation, yogic cleansing. Retreat combines full boarding with organic and Ayurvedic meals.

We ask participants to maintain silence throughout the course to encourage inner reflection, and to recognize and release habits and emotions that come from talking.

Both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation are welcome to dive into the beauty of meditation, hatha yoga and silence.


What's included ?

  • Hatha yoga 3 times a day
  • Pranayama (breathing part of yoga)
  • Meditation 4 times a day
  • Mud and steam bath
  • Complimentary massage
  • Course manual, prayer beads, notebook & pen, sadhana's printed T-shirt
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Organic and Ayurvedic meals
  • Very silent environment              


Shared Room w/bathroom (per person) US$ 279


Single Room w/bathroom    US$ 399

Booking Open for 

August 1-6, Sep 1-6, Oct 1-6, Nov 1-6, Dec 1-6.

Arrival time:   3 pm to 5 pm or earlier

  Departure:        6th of month after breakfast at                                            8:30 am


Benefits of silent retreat

 Prolonged silence lets practitioners recharge from the stresses of daily life, but the practice of silence and its intention goes beyond relaxation. Outward silence shines a light on the parts of  your inner life you don’t usually experience, teaching you to acknowledge and process even your    most uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

This practice of observing your inner landscape can teach greater stress tolerance and emotional balance that lasts long after the retreat is over.

A silent retreat can also provide an entirely new perspective on major life changes. It’s not uncommon to see expectant parents and new retirees on these retreats. True silence removes the pressure of outside influences, allowing you to examine what really brings joy and meaning to your life. Focused periods of meditation can help you uncover your innately joyful nature and teach you to sustain it, even in the face of change and hardship.

True silence is a deeply personal experience that’s different for everybody; the truth is, there’s no way to know exactly what will happen once you’re alone with yourself.

Silencing The ‘Monkey Brain’


Course begins on 1st of every month, contact us for details.


Some of our participants of Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat are sharing their experiences, watch this video to listen how they felt after completion of silent retreat.  

Before you sign up

  • No intoxicants like smoking, alcohol or any sort of drugs are allowed at the centre. 
  • Arrive to the centre between 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Never enter drunk, lake night and with violent attitude
  • Not allowed to leave the centre after dinner
  • You must book your space before you head to the centre
  • We accept cash and credit card but prefer cash (by credit card you have to pay 4% extra as a bank charge)
  • Avoid words and action that constitute sexual harassment during your stay with us 

This video shows daily activities at Sadhana Yoga Retreat. All these activities are practiced in silence atmosphere. Watch this video to know

about your daily activities while you are at Sadhana. 

Daily Routine of Silent Retreat


Wake up 5:30,  Pre-meditation 5:45, Meditation 6:00, Tea & fruits 7:00, Neti kriya 7:30, Reflexology 8:00, Morning Yoga session 8:15, Breakfast 10:00, Steam & mud bath 10:30


Afternoon meditation 12:00, Lunch 1:00, Question answer 2:45, Asana (posture) practice 3:00, Karma yoga 3:30, Tea 4:00, Meditation 4:45, Evening Yoga 5:30, Dinner 7:00, Tratak (candle light meditation) 8:00, Retiring 8:30

October & November group


How to find us ?

We are in Pokhara, the cleanest & 2nd largest city of Nepal, 200km west of the capital Kathmandu. We are away from the crowds and pollution of the city. Sadhana Yoga sits in a nice little village called Sedi Bagar in the middle of nature overlooking views of Lake Fewa. This village is 2.5kms west of the Lakeside, Pokhara. Just walk along the lake, pass the Chetri's Sisters Guest HouseWater Front Hotel and Green Peace Resort and a little bit further from Green Peace Resort, you will find a junction, turn right and stroll up  the hill for some 10 to 20 minutes. It is a pleasant walk and you cannot miss us, because we are well signposted. 

 If you want our assist to get rid of all these hassles and get picked up from the Lakeside, bus park or airport we are ever ready to help you. This will cost $5/- from Lakeside and $10/- from the airport or bus park in Pokhara. 

This video can be helpful to find us, please watch it.


We have successfully completed silent yoga & meditation retreat of November 2017, listen the experiences of Kylan Gibbs of Canada.