Yoga Courses

We bring you transformative yoga courses (packages) which have been beneficial to spiritual and health seekers from all over the world.

Daily Hatha Yoga Class US$ 22

Welcome to Sadhana Yoga for 3 hours to experience the benefits of yoga......

Yogic Cleansing & Stretching 1D/2N US$ 82.5

This package is suitable for beginners and spiritual seekers..

Hiking, Yoga & Meditation 1D/2N US$ 160

Sunrise point and great teaching of Hatha Yoga become a powerful uplifting approach to the travelers to experience.

Yoga & Ayurvedic Massage Package 1D/2N US$ 121

Treat the body and mind to feel rejuvenation and refreshment......

Yoga & Cooking Course

Learn to prepare Ayurvedic meals at Sadhana Yoga

Introduction to Hatha Yoga 3D/4N US$ 198

An excellent introduction to Hatha Yoga

Yoga & Juice Fasting 3D/4N US$ 198

Fasting is a natural way of detoxifying the body.

Standard Hatha Yoga 6D/7N US$ 385

For those who want to feel the difference in a short time duration..

Fasting & Gastro-Cleansing 6D/7N US$ 396

Detoxify your body and loose few pounds...

Yoga Holiday in Nepal 10D/11N US$ 638

Detoxify, rejuvenate and lift up spiritually on your holiday.....

Sadhana's Master Detox Program 7D/8N US$ 880

Purify your whole body & mind and feel youthful.....

Intensive Hatha Yoga 21D/22N US$1232

Detoxify your body and cultivate the positive way of living......

Weight Loss Program 21D/22N US$ 1232

Yoga, meditation, fasting, gastro cleansing, and special diet.

Yoga Holiday & Weight Loss Program 32D/33N $1870

Get rid of extra pounds from the body and feel lighter, comfortable and healthier.

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat 4D/5N

Awaken to the chirping of birds, you will meditate through the serenity of a beautiful sunrise, and as the day grows warmer you can move, bend and free your body healthier.