Below you will find brief descriptions of the services that are included in your stay at Sadhana, as well as additional services that you may add on. If you would like more information or have additional questions please do not hesitate to call or email us.


We teach Hatha Yoga at Sadhana Yoga, this type of teaching integrates detoxification, stretching, relaxing and realization of body and mind. It has a tradition of more than 2000 years and we have been following the same philosophy of cleanse, stretch, relax and realize.


We teach a lot of body preparation to sit quietly for long periods of meditation. Stillness of posture is the first important preparation we teach at Sadhana. Then we teach Ajapa Japa, meditation with mantra recitation.


We provide one free massage to every participant. Our a great masseur Yama will provide an hour long Ayurvedic oil massage (whole body) to relax all accumulated tensions on the body. This massage will improve circulation, release all deep rooted tensions, nourish the skin and will restore good health & youthfulness. Our masseur is ever ready to provide you extra massage as paid service.


Soles of the feet and palms, contain reflex points of different vital organs of the body. Pressing those points release electric impulses which are very soothing and healing to related organs of the body. So everyday for a few minutes we have this acupressure practice at Sadhana to heal and ensure good health of body and mind.


Neti which is translated as nasal cleansing is a very powerful cleansing process of Hatha yoga. In this cleansing we inject warm salty water into the nostril and we let this water come out through our other nostril. This simple cleansing, which we do everyday at Sadhana is curative and preventive for colds, sinus problem, nasal blockage and headache. It has been proven that this cleansing is good to improve eye sight as well.


It is said that most physical and mental problems are caused by mental stress. If relaxation is taught and practiced  properly most of the mental and physical problems are resolved. Relaxation of the body and mind is one of the great aims of yoga practice. Our main effort is to let participants come to a highly relaxed stage of body and mind. So we have many guided relaxation practices a day and we ask participants to follow in their spare time.


As a part of detoxification of the body we do steam and mud baths. Steam baths makes one sweat for 5 to 10 minutes which is a good way to release all the deep rooted toxins from the skin. And similarly applying mud on the body is a way to extract toxins from the body. Mud baths, also great fun to play with mud, which is a part of human instinct as well.


Chanting or reciting different names of Gods and Goddesses is a kind of meditation practice which is known as Bhakti Yoga. We follow this to help the mind tcome to a concentrative stage. Please know that this practice is not done at Sadhana for religious purposes.


Tea and popcorn in the afternoon is a Nepali custom. We drink sweet milk masala tea and eat popcorn to get together before we begin a vigorous session for the evening.


Food at Sadhana, in addition to being delicious, is also nutritious and healthy. We integrate the herbal spices like  cumin, black pepper, fenu greek, turmeric, himalayan herb, garlic, ginger, onion which are healing components and add great taste to every dish from the kitchen. We serve brown rice, bean soup, fresh organic vegetables, chapati, bread, pancake, fresh fruits etc. We bring to practice this wise saying - “ let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

welcome kits


 You will get free welcome kits with Sadhana's printed T-shirts, prayer beads for meditation, course manual and of course great smiley welcome upon your arrival.


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