Course Overview


The course begins on 1st of every month, you can arrive at the center between 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There will be orientation at 5:00 pm. There will be farewell breakfast on the 6th at 8:00 am. There is a transport service available for the departure.

    Five-day meditation retreats designed for you to explore your inner experience. Full daily program with guided yoga including postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and extended sessions of meditation, yogic cleansing. Retreat combines full boarding with organic and Ayurvedic meals.

We ask participants to maintain silence throughout the course to encourage inner reflection, and to recognize and release habits and emotions that come from talking.

Both beginners and advanced practitioners of 
meditation are welcome to dive into the beauty of meditation, hatha yoga and silence.

Course Includes

    Complimentary massage, Hatha yoga 3 times a day,    Pranaya (breathing exercises),  meditation 4 times a day,   mud & steam bath,  5 nights accommodation,  very silent environment, course manual, prayer beads, notebook &  pen, sadhana's printed T-shirt dinner on the night of your  arrival, clean water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks, dinner and breakfast prior to your departure.

Arrival day

Chanting, evening yoga (one hour and half), dinner and candle light meditation


Second day, third day , forth day and fifth day

You will follow all the program from morning meditation till candle night meditation after dinner. 


Sixth day

You will leave the center after breakfast in the morning.

Cost details

  • Shared Room w/bathroom (per person)   US$ 279
  • Single Room w/bathroom                         US$ 399

Switch off your mobile and get connected with nature

At the retreat center we don't allow mobile, tab, laptop and any electronic devices for communication. No WIFI during silent retreat.


At Sadhana the food is not only delicious but nutritious and healthy too. All meals are prepared by Durga and cook Suji, include ingredients such as brown rice, fresh organic vegetables, lentil soup, greens, fresh salad, pickle, fried potato, chapati, bean soup, pancakes, fresh fruits like banana, apples, orange, mango, pears, papaya etc, muesli with curd or milk, semolina porridge, eggs, pasta, chowmin, beaten rice and bean curry etc. Chai tea (masala tea) with popcorn.

Note: we can customize meals on special need and request.


Sadhana Yoga sits in a nice little village called Sedi Bagar in the middle of nature overlooking views of Lake Fewa. This village is 2.5kms west of the Lakeside, Pokhara. Just walk along the lake, pass the Chetri's Sisters Guest HouseWater Front Resort and Green Peace Resort and a little bit further from Green Peace Resort, you will find a way up to Sarangkot. Stroll up the hill for some 10 to 20 minutes. It is a pleasant walk and you cannot miss us, because we are well signposted. If you need help please don't hesitate to call us on 9846078117.