Yoga Nature Village

Yoga nature village is an another creation of Sadhana Yoga, silent retreat will be an offer at Yoga Nature Village.

A priority of Sadhana Yoga is to develop tourism in the countryside, which will in turn support the local village economy. Visitors to such areas will be able to enjoy and realise the depth of Nepal’s true beauty and to get a true picture of Nepali culture. Sadhana Yoga is working passionately towards this and has recently launched Yoga Nature Village in the forest above Khapaudi village.

Being immersed in nature in its untouched form is a very powerful way to uplift the human soul. Nature has a calming effect – it raises intuitive power, heals physical and psychological problems and brings ones focus onto the raw beauty of life.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre, after many years of experience in providing a safe and spiritual retreat centre, is spreading its wings even further, to offer its programs in an uncultivated and pure forest space.

At Sadhana Yoga Nature Village you will awake to the chirping of birds, you will meditate through the serenity of a beautiful sunrise, and as the day grows warmer you can move, bend and free your body further. Living in the moment, in this escape from all your worldly affairs, will enable your mind and body to come to a place of peace and rest.

In the afternoon, feel the surroundings coming to life... trees sway, paragliders soar overhead, and enjoy the views of the surrounding valley and the beautiful Lake Fewa.

Chanting and evening yoga flow perfectly with the setting of the sun and the end to your peaceful day.

Feel fresh, alive, relaxed and rejuvenated throughout your stay as you connect with the natural flow of nature and the untouched world around you.

Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat 5D/5N

(Opening Soon)

Course Overview

This is one of the short packages for travelers to introduce oneself to yoga and meditation in the middle of nature, faraway from all the polluted city and crowds of people.
Yoga Nature Village which is an extension of Sadhana Yoga Retreat is offering this silent yoga & meditation program to realize these higher values of life at an isolated peaceful place in the middle of nature with views of Pokhara city and Fewa lake. Living in solitude, isolating oneself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, detaching oneself from technology and adopting the peace of nature. By following yoga and meditation as daily activities one means to free oneself from the miseries of life, uplifting to the higher value of life, compassion, awareness, wakefulness and the tranquility of a concentrative state of the mind.

Starting Date and Time Schedule

Cost includes

Transfer to Yoga Nature Village from Sadhana Yoga Retreat, shared or single room, private bungalow and tents are available for accommodation. Dinner on the night of  your arrival, filtered water, breakfast, tea, lunch, snacks, dinner throughout your stay and breakfast prior to your departure. All the yoga, meditation and cleansing teachings.


  • Shared Room w/bathroom (per person)                                US$ 199

  • Single Room w/bathroom                                                      US$ 299

  • Single Private Bungalow w/bathroom                                   US$ 359

  • Single Dome Tent                                                                   US$ 159