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The location is so peaceful and there are beautiful views of the lake and wildlife. Yoga classes with Kaushal were really informative, guiding through postures step-by-step to understand how to correct the posture and the benefits. Food was always *AMAZING*!! Thank you Suji! Yoga Nindra with beautiful Anu and her soothing voice was so tranquil. The outings with Manoj to Sarang Kot and the peace pagoda was an unforgettable experience to practice yoga in these special places. Manoj’s positive energy and outgoing personality was uplifting and fun, always very informative when asked questions about yoga, meditation, Nepali culture and geography. Also, his laugh is contagious! J The massage I received from Yam and his healing hands was fabulous! His kind, gentle nature made you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you PK and to all the staff for making me “feel yourself at home.”

Natalie Hughes


July 1, 2017


Dear Sadhana,

You healed my body and soul. I was blessed to spend 13 days in this family. Every activity and every meal was perfect.

I feel healthier and stronger.

Thank you!

All my love—Alice

Alice Doran

March 29, 2017


Dear Sadhana,

Thank you for such a fabulous experience! I have never fallen in love with a place so quickly. I wish I could have stayed longer. Everyone was so welcoming. I will definitely be back. It is the perfect place to recharge.


Hannah M., U.K.

April 8, 2017


A short but wonderful experience—wish I could stay longer! Welcomed as soon as I arrived and feel so relaxed leaving. Met some wonderful people here and had the *BEST* massage of my life! Thank you to all the staff—it was perfect!

Lucy Bearn

Date: April 7, 2017


Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to learn the techniques of yoga and meditation. You have all welcomed me as a family, very warm and friendly atmosphere and I will always remember my time here. Next time in Nepal I will make sure to visit you again, you made me and my trip better.

Anna Lindstrom


March 20, 2017


We have had the most relaxing and rejuvenating stay here thank you! Everything from the views, food, yoga, meditation, nasal cleansing (never thought I’d stay it) and everything in between was fantastic. All of the team went out of this way to make us feel at home. What makes me want to come back is the whole feel of the place  -everything-  but, to pick out one expectation thing , the yoga session was incredible and kaushal is a truly gifted teacher .Thank you  again, we would love to come back.

From = UK

Intended course=" 5" Days


Date: August 15, 2017

 Dec 19, 2016

Dear Sadhana –

I feel so blessed to end my time in Nepal here in this peaceful place. To feel sunshine & warmth from the people, to see monkeys & flowers, to be fed & cared for so competently. I am so happy to have found you and to be so welcomed. May you continue to be a bright light in this country!

Sarah Kuhn

Colorado USA

Nov 15, 2016

Dear Sadhana

You are a family of the most inspiring and warm people... a collection of the most precious souls. I want to thank you for all the kindness and the seed you have left inside me. I promise to let it grow.

I hope to see you all again soon.

Love and Peace


Jan 30, 2017

Thanks Thanks & Thanks ....

Thank you so much everyone at Sadhana for the most amazing, relaxing and educational three-and-half days. Thank you Pk for sharing stories with us and teaching us so much about life and giving us advice (especially Sally Bruke). Thank you Kaushal for your wonderful yoga sessions, you taught us a lot and we are excited to go home and continue our practice and improve on all the postures we learned. Thank you for pushing us and challenging our body and showing us that we are capable.

Thank you Manoj for the meditation sessions, they were sometimes difficult bit we really enjoyed the experience and it was interesting to learn about the different techniques. Thank you also for the laughs and the dancing you really made our stay extra fun. Thank you Anu for teaching us about the Neti pot and for reflexology and meditation sessions, we really enjoyed spending those times with you to learn. Thank you also for taking the time to talk to us and get to know us. We loved getting to know you better. Thank you also for sitting with us each day to write notes about the yoga sessions and answer any of our questions. We wish you luck for the future in your teacher training we are sure you will do great things!!

Thank you Suju and Srijana for the wonderful delicious food, we looked forward to all our meal times. Thank you for being so kind and always smiling. Finally, thanks to everyone as a whole for making us feel so comfortable and at home during our stay, like how at the start Pk said we would be a part of the family for the next few days and we really felt that and we appreciate everyone's kindness and generosity so much. I really hope that we meet again..

Lots and lots of love <3

Sally Burke & Sally Phillips

Dec 26, 2016

Dear Sadhana Family,

Dear Sadhana Family,

Matt and I had the most peaceful experience surrounded by so much love & care. We are sad to leave today, but happy to be taking with us all the happy memories and lessons learned. Thank you for being a place of refuge & solace for our souls!

Hope to be back again ..

Love, Hope & Matt Witt

USA / Macau 

Dec 01, 2016

Dearest Sadhana Family

Your kindness, knowledge, originality and character has left its mark on me and no doubt many who came before me, and many of your guests who are yet to come. Many thanks for being the people you are and offering your gifts so graciously.

With love & gratitude


Nov 18, 2016

Dearest Sadhana Group

Thank you so much for everything! We enjoyed every part of our stay here. Everyone was so very kind, genuine & beautiful. We appreciate all the hospitality, love & guidance that we received here. We definitely cherish all the special moments we got to spend with everyone here. Thank you for the amazing food & laughs.

We hope to come back for a longer stay.

Peace & Love. Namaste

Bisma & Kashif

Nov 07, 2016

Dear Sadhana Family!

When we had just arrived here, one of the first things we heard from Pawan was "Make yourself at home!" Well, after ten days here we really feel we are at home.

 We had and unforgettable time with you, in this beautiful place, appreciating every day such an amazing view in the middle of nature!!

 We are going to miss our daily routine with you, practicing yoga, and enjoying delicious healthy food (I am going to miss especially the Tean & Popcorn time). Thank you for such a warm welcome, you guys rock!!! Friendly and lovely people that we are not going to forget <3

Hope to come back in the future!

Thanks to all

Love & Peace

​Jenile and Alex from Brazil

Oct 02, 2016


Malai tapainharuko thau ekdam ramro laagyo. Kasto ramro maanchheharu bheteko, dherai sikeko, ekdam aaraam thiyo. Thank you so much for your loving kindness, the beautiful place, the nourishing food, chanting, yoga- it's a wonderful place.

Dherai Dhanyabaad!!

Pheri Bhetaulaa <3


Dec 02, 2016

“Very relaxing with a gorgeous view! ”

My husband and I signed up for the 10-day Yoga Holiday. Right when we arrived we were greeted with a big smile from Durga (one of the owners). She is honestly the nicest person I've ever met. If I could, I would just carry her around with me throughout life to help me be more positive. 
She showed us around the beautiful center and then to our room which was a corner unit with breathtaking views of the lake. It was so peaceful. 
The center is super clean and well maintained. It has lots of places to chill. The food was delicious (all vegetarian which was perfect for me since I am one). I especially loved the breakfast fruit bowls!
We really enjoyed our time there and met some great people (the staff is super friendly and supportive). Sadly, I had some back problems so we stopped around Day 8 of our 10-day program. But the staff were extremely accommodating. The yoga instructor even helped me with modifications during classes. 
If you are new to yoga, I think a few days at this center would be amazing. 10 days may have been a bit too long for us since we aren't super yogis, but definitely took with us some great practices like meditation and salutations. 

Brittany F

San Francisco, California

Oct 02, 2016

Namaste Sadhana!

Wow what an experience!! Was it really only 32 days since I climbed up the Mountain, sorry hill to your front door? I have achieved so much whilst being here. Firstly, I have not eaten meat & sugar, drunk coffee or alcohol for 32 days and I feel amazing. Secondly, I completed the fast & cleanse without any problems. Thirdly, I completed the 108 rounds of sun-salutations in 19 days and with Anu I completed the full 108 in one hour 34 minutes, we were on a mission. Lastly, I completed the intense week with Asanga, which I enjoyed but was really hard to stay focused.

I loved every minute here- a home away from home. See you again for sure..

Nicola Goldsmith

Quite pleasant and relaxing stay
Thank you to Sadhana. We had a great stay. My partner and I stayed for the 2 night course.
The time we spent there was most relaxing, we were lucky enough to have only 1 other guest during our stay, with a 2nd arriving on our 2nd night. All the staff were jubilant in their dealings with us, and the meals were great. 
I have done some Bikram yoga before, but thought of myself as a relative novice, my partner has done many more years than me but both of us found the yoga a great experience.
The spiritual side of the course, as in the meditation was pleasant, I am a very cynical person but was surprised that the chanting actually had an effect on my mental state. 

Thank you Sadhana!

Chrisi, Australia ,
Stayed in January of 2015

Truly Wonderful Yoga Experience
The day is filled with opportunities to explore different meditation practices, Hatha yoga postures and dynamic sequences, steam and mud baths, massage, walking in the local area and resting and relaxing in the garden and centre.
I stayed for 2 weeks, and left feeling revitalized in both mind and body. I will always have fond memories of everyone at Sadhana. I will certainly come back when in the area again!

Charle, Scotland ,
Stayed in November of year 2014

"My Gastro Cleansing Experience at Sadhana"
One week ago, yoga, meditation and cleansing were totally unknown to me. I came to Sadhana Yoga for the 3 day introduction course. By the end of the third day, I was beginning to enjoy these weird movements and postures so I carried on with the 6 day course. Asanga kindly taught me about the cleansing concept and he picked my curiosity… I had to try to see how "dirty" I was!

After having traveled Asia for 5 months, I am quite familiar with gastro-intestinal cleansing. But Shankhaprakshalana has nothing to do with food poisoning diarrhea! It is hard work to clean your system of toxins and impurities…
So on day 6, I found myself in the middle of the house with Chabbi, gulping down salty water and doing the asanas to very uplifting music. After 8 glasses, I began running to the toilet. To my astonishment, it worked!
The hardest part of cleansing is to drink the salty water. I had to focus enormously to keep the water in and push it down to my bowels. I kept bouncing around for 1h50 minutes and 13 rounds later (26 glasses of water!), I was evacuating yellow water! SUCCESS!!!
After the process, I felt quite weak, exhausted and I wanted to be alone. So I went resting in a hammock and listening to relaxing music while enjoying this pure and peaceful moment. I somehow felt accomplished; I knew that I gave my body a nice treat by doing Shankhaprakshalana. It is definitely worth trying. It is probably a very different experience for everybody but if you approach this exercise with enthusiasm and curiosity, I am sure it is very beneficial for you.
Many thanks to Asanga and Durga for their support.
Jacynthe Guimond ,
May 24, 2005. Pokhara
Email: jacegui@yahoo.ca